Two words: Instant Hair.

The Babe Crown is unlike any other extension we’ve offered in the past, in that it:
1) is not a series of strands, wefts, or extension pieces, but rather a whole and unified extension piece
2) does not attach to the natural hair, but rests on the crown of the head (like an actual crown).
What this means is that the Babe Crown is super quick and easy to install and it exerts no strain on the hair or root itself. This is a game changer for thin or fine-haired clients, and a welcome relief for low-maintenance girls.

Here’s how it works:

- When you first unpack the Babe Crown, you’ll need to fit the wire to the size of your head. To do this, position the wire on the crown of the head such that it sits 1-3 inches behind the hairline, just above the ears, and just below the occipital bone in back. Then, remove the extension carefully (without disturbing the wire’s shape) and adjust the wire’s clip to the appropriate notch on the hair weft, tightening the wire to secure. This is a one-time step, so once it’s done, you will not need to do it again.

- To apply the now-fitted Babe Crown to the your hair, simply pull the extension into its vested place and use a rattail comb or finger to pull some of the natural hair over the wire. Then, using a brush, smooth the hair and hair extensions together, fully disguising the wire. This process takes less than a minute to complete.

- To remove the extensions, pull them up and over your  natural hair–either from the ends of the hair or from the microfilm wire. This process takes less than 5 seconds.

- We advise you to:
1) brush the extensions 1-3 times per use, and before washing or wetting the hair

2) wash the extensions after 3-4 uses
3) use only sulfate-free products on the extensions
4) use a heat protectant before heat styling
5) avoid swimming or sleeping with the extensions on
6) store the extensions brushed, braided, and secured within the original packaging for maximum lifespan.
When properly cared for, the Babe Crown can last up to a year or longer.

Right now, Babe Crown is offered in 3 lengths, 2 weight classes, and 16 colors, for a total of 96 style options. Check them out today, and learn how Instant Hair can benefit you!

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It only takes a fraction of a minute to install your Babe Crown. You can adjust the wire strap and fit it yourself—once it’s secure and set to fit the crown of your head, pull your Crown on and then use a tail comb or your finger to pull a layer of your natural hair over the wire. Crown stays in place and is easily removed at the end of the day.

Babe Instant Hair is made with the same quality 100% human hair as our other extensions, so you can even style your Babe Instant Hair alongside your natural hair! Easily curl, straighten, and crimp your Crown. Just be sure to use protectant with heating tools!

- Application time: 10-20 minutes
- Last 6 to 12 months with proper care
-Available in:
16"    105 grams   and  145 grams
18"    105 grams  and   155 grams
20"    105 grams  and   165 grams

The Babe Crown

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