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 Strand by Strand Hair Extensions  Warm Fusion

Applying fusion hair extensions requires a high level of knowledge and skill, along with very steady hands. The hair extension is applied to your own hair in specific small sections by heating the fusion bond on a low heat so that is fuses to your own hair. The fusion bond is a keratin protein bond (about the size of a small grain of rice) which forms the tight cohesion between natural hair and hair extension. Keratin is natural and when attached by a trained extensionist has a strong, secure bond.

We offer Premium and Standard hair for this method. Both are very good quality, the Premium stands out just a bit more.

Please note, for a price quote by email or over the phone, it is impossible for us to give quotes because of the customized nature of each hair extensions service. Prices will vary from methods used, length and thickness. By coming in for a consultation, we determine your hair texture, desired length, budget, the type of extensions that can be applied. The pricing for Hair Extensions will depend on the level of service required, which is determined by the type and length of the hair extensions, and the condition of your natural hair.

Consultations are $50. Please visit our consultation page for details.


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