Micro Bonding

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Why Micro Bonding?

Find out why our Micro Bonding technique is the best solution for installing extensions above the crown of the head!

✔ Install above the crown area

✔ Natural Looking
✔ Easy to Install

Our new Micro Bonding technique is very unique—it focuses on careful volume over dramatic length. Micro-sized Fusion strands expertly fill in thin patches of hair above the crown area of the head, bringing back youthful fullness to any hair length.

Micro Bonding VS Regular Fusion Micro Bonding

Micro Bonding is a new technique for customizing regular Fusion extensions to make smaller strands. These micro-sized strands can then be used to add strategic length and volume in areas above the crown area.

For fine, thin hair

Used to add fullness in small areas
Requires touch ups every 4-6 weeks
Expect up to 50% shedding of bonds between touchups
One time use onlyRegular Fusion
One of our four professional methods offered by Babe Hair. They are typically used for a full head of extensions and can only be installed below the crown area of the head.

For all types of hair

Used to add dramatic length and volume on entire head
Requires touch ups every 10-12 weeks
Expect up to 10% shedding of bonds between touchups
Can not be reused

Expect for about 50% of the Micro Bonded strands to shed before the next installation is required.

Because the bonds are smaller, they will break down easier than our thicker Fusion bonds through normal everyday wear and washing.