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by guest Blogger Denise


Make sure you have time; schedule your appointment when you are not in a rush.  Stylist need time to do the job right. Nobody can do a great job in a time crunch.

2.  Arrive 15 minutes early to your appointment, if you are changing your haircut.  Be on time if you are just getting a trim.  Stylist run on a time schedule, you do not want to use up all your appointment time trying to make important appearance decisions. 

3. Do not be in a hurry to get into the chair.  Your consultation is the make or break of your haircut.

4. Think about the problems you are having with your hair, or when you did not like it. Your stylist will have the answer you are looking for.

5. Bring pictures of hair you like and hair you do not like (if you cannot find a picture of a complete style). 
Stylists are skilled artist, and get great insight from both kinds of photos.  Haircuts are customized for you.

6. Think about what profession you are in and choose your style accordingly. Appearance is underrated, it’s the first impression you make without saying a word.

7. How much time do you have in the morning to do your hair?  If it is not much, tell your stylists, it is an important piece of information for them to know about you.

8. Answer all the questions your stylist is asking.

9. Listen to your stylist advice. You may get your haircut every six weeks, but the stylist does this every day.

10. Use the right tools, products, brushes, and irons are all your friends.  If you took away the stylist tools, stylist could not do the job as well either.
Relax. When you make it back to the chair, know you are in good hands because both of you are on the same page! We love what we do and it shows!


                Long Hair by Jen

Hi my name is Jen and I love hair! I love the way it shines, flows, flips, curls, swirls, pins,straightens and changes color. I also love short hair, medium hair, buzzed hair, curly, straight, wavy, but best of all... Long hair! But what I don't love is the poor treatment of hair. I would like to pass on some years of experience as a loving stylist of the locks. These are a few of my favorite hints to keeping medium to long hair looking its best.

1. Never brush wet hair! And I mean never! The breakage it causes makes me want to cry. So stop it!

2. Use a hair pick. Not a comb or a brush that kind of looks like a pick. But a true to life, wide tooth pick. First don't just get one, get two, heck make it three. With the First pick, keep it in the shower. Pick out your hair (when you have conditioner in it) starting from the bottom and working your way to the top. Second pick, keep  next to styling products. When you use your products, you need a pick to distribute that product through every single strand on that head of yours.Third one, that one is one back up duty.

3.  Get a haircut! Once a year is just not cutting it.( Pun intended !) The ends look gross and make the rest of your hair reflect that. So you're not a six week kind of person? Then make it every other month. That way when you can and get your hair trimmed your stylist doesn't have to tell you that eight inches need to come off. 

4. Leave in conditioner! No need to be  afraid of this little gem! Will it make your hair greasy? Sure if you pick the wrong one. Finer hair people, use a nice light non greasy spray in. Thicker hair people can do the same or use a cream based one. Long hair has seen a lot of action. Protect it daily. 

5. Do you Love to flat iron your hair? Then you better love thermal spray! Use it! It Makes your iron straighten your hair faster, and protects it from heat. I personally love Aquage's Working Spray. It works, plain and simple. The spray doesn't stick to your hair or iron. And helps fight humidity. The thermal spray gets reactive with heat from your curling iron or straightening iron. It is Awesome  !!!!!

6. Eat well. I'm not your mother, but try and get some real food in you! 

 And if you’re not sure what or how to treat your long hair, come see one of our professional hairstylists at JD’s! 
 We love what we do and it shows!